The Tone is Back!

Columbus Vintage Audio was founded in 2013 as an extension of my lifelong love of all things radio. In 2015 I purchased a booth in an antique mall and began to sell restored antique and vintage audio gear. The real reason I do this, is to keep the pieces out of landfills, to preserve the history and most of all, to keep on rocking as long as possible.

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All of my gear has been repaired, cleaned and tested, unless otherwise specified. So when you buy a piece from Columbus Vintage Audio, it is likely to work. While there are no warranties (this stuff is old), I try hard to be Central Ohio’s SOURCE for working vintage radio and audio gear.


Sell Your Stuff! I am always buying vintage pieces. Do you have a collection, estate or just one piece of vintage gear? Let me know and perhaps we can make a deal. Contact Scott Freshour. Call or Text 740-601-1550 or email to

Sell Your Stuff – Learn more

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I sell out of a booth in a Columbus, Ohio antique mall. The Fabulous Heritage Square antique mall on Bryce Rd. in Columbus. 1865 Channingway Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43232. I am booth C-52 and you cant miss it, radios, stereos and vintage voltage everywhere!


Fully restored RCA 1948

I am a collector, restorer and re-seller of vintage audio equipment. I like it all, from 1930’s era radio to ’70’s stereo equipment. My love of this stuff comes from teenage years listening to ball games on summer evenings on an old AM radio. I also remember my first stereo, an Audiovox purchased at a yard sale. I sat around for hours enjoying the stereo separation and trying to find weak F.M. stations. There was the period where I had a large collection of 8 tracks to play and Sunday evenings listening to the “Dr. Demento” show on a local rock station. My radios were my friends and now I enjoy bringing back these old pieces to be enjoyed again after years of neglect.

Go to Best Buy today and try to buy a 2 channel stereo system. There may be one model, a cheap, low powered affair that will only disappoint. The systems from the ’60’s and 70’s were built to last, sound fantastic and provide high end sound.

I operate a booth at the Heritage Square Antique Mall in Columbus, Ohio. It is booth C52, if you are in the area (Bryce Rd) check it out and find a vintage audio treasure for your collection.

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I am also a licensed amateur radio operator, W8CVA. I typically have some vintage ham gear in the booth.